Entity Framework Core Database-First Tutorial for NET Core

Entity Framework Core Database-First Tutorial for NET Core

Click the “Send” button, you should receive a “200 OK” response containing a JSON array with all the user records in the system . On clicking on IIS Express, You will see that the application is launched in the browser with a text as Hello World on the screen. For creating our first ASP.NET Core application, I am using Visual Studio 2019 with .NET core 3.1 Version.

asp net core 3.1 tutorial

We will be using the code-first approach for the demonstration. The query is executed and the object is populated with data. Write LINQ to objects to fetch data from the database.

ASP.NET Core Runtime

The following snippet shows you how to add the Dashboard UI to use all the Hangfire features immediately. The following lines are fully optional, and you can remove them completely, if your application will only create background jobs, as separate application will process them. You should always to try to have a unified structure of error responses to your clients, so that they can identity the error you are trying to transmit.

  • A new browser tab will open and we’ll be able to see the product listing page.
  • Just to be on the safe side Run the project and see if it’s running successfully which it should at this point.
  • The user service contains methods for authenticating user credentials and returning a JWT token, getting all users in the application and getting a single user by id.
  • Under each controller you can define one or more methods to handle a resource related operations.
  • You should first understand the dependency injection as a design pattern or a programming concept, before learning how it is used in ASP.NET Core.

Static files will be stored in any folder under the web root and accessed with a relative path to thatroot. The Dependencies in the ASP.NET Core 3.1 project contain all the installed server-side NuGet https://remotemode.net/ packages, as shown below. We can see that the project is well organized into separate folders for Models, Controllers, and Views. The Views are further organized into subfolders like each view.

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Explicitly refer to the entire ASP.NET Core NuGet packages than by use of the Meta Packages it will execute at the runtime, and those packages are organized as a part of an application. In essence, to trade the installation package size vs runtime pre-install requirement. The runtime alone can’t support the dotnet.exe ahead of running and info, so we can’t create or publish whatever use to runtime for entirely pre-compiled asp net core 3.1 tutorial and able to execute as it is. In the first line of the code above we’ve added a database context to our services telling it to use SQL Server with connection information available in “DefaultConnection” string that we posted in appsettings.json earlier. Today, it’s common to have an application that runs across devices; a backend on the web server, admin front-end on windows desktop, web, and mobile apps for consumers.

Now, in easy terms what’s happening is that we’re called for table-data as we made _TableData.cshtml so basically we’re calling that here which is a CSHTML page. You would NOT have to change your code even a bit, as EFCore takes care of data access. This is how you build decoupled applications the right way. A query processor is an approach when all business logic relating to one entity of the system is encapsulated in one service and any access or actions with this entity are performed through this service. If necessary, a query processor includes CRUD methods for this entity. Depending on the requirements, not all methods may be implemented.

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That’s it and you have successfully included the library inside of your project. The reason to include it in _Layout.cshtml is because now it’s shared across all pages and we can use them on any view. Now if you open SQL Server Management Tool you can see that the database is automatically created. After this press enter to execute and after it’s successfully done you’ll see that a new folder name Migrations is added in the solutions explorer and also a file with __somename___.cs has been opened. From very soon we will be update the articles to latest version as well as will add the next articles. There are different NuGet Packages available for various features that can be added to the .NET Core project as needed.

asp net core 3.1 tutorial

A graduate in MS Computer Applications and a Web Developer from India with diverse skills across multiple Web development technologies. Enjoys writing about any tech topic, including programming, algorithms and cloud computing. Traveling and playing video games are the hobbies that interest me most. ASP.NET Core 2.0 introduced the concept of Razor Pages and it was a useful addition to the existing features of .NET Core. Razor Pages are similar to the web forms model of ASP.NET web forms.

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Specify the SQL Server connection string in the appsettings.json file. We are using localdb database which is a lightweight version of the SQL Server Express database engine. Define domain classes & configure entity framework DbContext API along with mappings to let entity framework work how this class maps to the database schema. ASP.NET Core is the framework you want to use for web development with .NET.

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