Cloud Security Amazon Web Services AWS

Cloud Security Amazon Web Services AWS

The company says it employs more than 200 threat researchers and blocks 22,250 online threats each minute. In addition to providing multi-factor authentication and single sign-on, Ping Identity’s platform lets users securely access all cloud, mobile, SaaS and on-premises applications and APIs. Imperva helps businesses secure data and web applications from threats without disrupting the user experience. Working with customers like Zillow, GE and Siemens, Imperva has crafted a security plan to fit each business’ needs.

  • In September 2023, the company’s Symantec division partnered with Google Cloud to embed generative AI into the Symantec Security platform.
  • Misconfigurations
    Misconfigured assets accounted for 86% of breached records in 2019, making the inadvertent insider a key issue for cloud computing environments.
  • No matter what tool is utilized, individuals can access privacy protections to limit the amount of identity data being shared.
  • ExtraHop’s Reveal(x) 360 delivers complete visibility across an enterprise’s cloud applications by using machine learning to detect suspicious patterns.
  • This cloud security vendor provides a vulnerability scanner that allows the easy testing of security for web applications and APIs.

Fidelis Cybersecurity acquired CloudPassage in 2021 to help create Fidelis CloudPassage Halo, a cloud security platform that provides automated security and compliance monitoring for public, private, and hybrid cloud environments. It gives security teams an automated, unified platform for managing cloud infrastructure, IaaS, PaaS, servers, container applications, and workloads. Fidelis is capable of meeting broad security needs, but container and PaaS security are standout features. Central to the company’s future goals is transitioning enterprises onto the cloud in a way that suits them best, be that a private, public or hybrid cloud system.

Top 9 Cloud Security Companies

While the company’s password manager platform produces and stores random passwords, KeeperPAM manages who receives privileged access to cloud environments and data. The company’s products follow a zero-trust approach and employ methods like two-factor authentication to safeguard sensitive information. Features like business logic error and intrusion detection, scan-behind-logins, and holistic VAPT services are some important features that should be offered by a good cloud security company.

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With AWS cloud infrastructure, and our broad set of security services, and partners, our customers integrate powerful security technology and control to enable their business to innovate securely. Cloud security companies also ensure that as a cloud customer or a provider, the compliance you must maintain like HIPAA, PCI-DSS, GDPR, and other data protection laws are abided by. Ensure that the needs of the company are prioritized and listed so that you can check the features offered by a potential cloud security service provider against your cloud-based company’s needs and requirements. Symantec can be a pricey solution, however, offers a wide range of cloud security measures such as endpoint, network, and other automated measures for cloud security.

The Need for Cloud Security

Lookout’s technology provides mobile security that mitigates attacks and stops them altogether. Compliance
Regulatory compliance management is oftentimes a source of confusion for enterprises using public or hybrid cloud deployments. Overall accountability for data privacy and security still rests with the enterprise, and heavy reliance on third-party solutions to manage this component can lead to costly compliance issues.

cloud security companies

Oak9 is a SaaS cloud security company that focuses on upholding security standards while enhancing development agility and velocity. The company’s security-as-code platform automatically identifies security gaps, while businesses and applications evolve. Other features of the platform include one-click remediation and reduced security review times. Sonrai Security manages a cloud-based SaaS platform businesses use to monitor workload, identity, data and platform security to prevent misconfiguration, track data movement and more. The cloud security company has also demonstrated automated responses to identified health risks, allowing for end-to-end coverage.

AWS Certification

This technology gives organizations flexibility when scaling their operations by offloading a portion, or majority, of their infrastructure management to third-party hosting providers. In September 2023, the company introduced its Cisco Secure Application module as part of its Full Stack Observability platform. “Secure Application can combine data from multiple sources to generate a business risk score for applications or services that have a likelihood of exploitation and attacks,” explains Network World. “It’s designed to gauge the seriousness of vulnerabilities and prioritize which are most pressing.” With the industry poised for substantial growth, here’s a look at the top 10 cloud security companies in 2023, according to Emergen Research.

Google Cloud has added dozens of new security features related to its cloud applications in recent years. For example, Access Transparency is now available for the G Suite platform; this cloud security service logs the details of when Google employees interact with a user’s data. In addition, Google has launched a data loss prevention user interface, a cloud security scanner and security health analytics features. Cloud security is not only a hot commodity, but a necessary one, and businesses are steadily increasing their adoption of services provided by the top cloud security companies. As a result, cloud security is becoming a leading priority for a greater number of partners, customers and vendors in 2023. In terms of vendors, within the cybersecurity industry, a number of fast-growing startups have been focused on offering cloud security tools from the get-go.

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