Backlog Definition, What is Backlog, and How Backlog works?

Backlog Definition, What is Backlog, and How Backlog works?

what is backlog in business

Electronic boards are the better option for a team that has remote members or collects a great deal of supplementary information about product backlog items. Physical boards offer the advantage of making the product backlog continuously visible and concrete during discussions around the product backlog. The sequence of product backlog items on a product backlog changes as a team gains a better understanding of the outcome and the identified solution. A product backlog is a prioritized list of work for the development team that is derived from the roadmap and its requirements.

And yes, it is hard to discard things but having that ability is an important trait of a product owner. There should be one person — no more, no less — responsible for the backlog of each scrum team. Ideally, that person is only responsible for one team backlog as well. That person needs to have plenty of time availablefor maintaining the backlog in collaboration with the team and external stakeholders. She needs to be knowledgeable about the product and have the authorityto make decisions within the backlog without involvement of other parties.

Step 5: Leverage a Backlog Management Tool to Accelerate Grooming

During the session, they ensure the backlog contains relevant and appropriate tasks that are prioritized correctly. Backlogging is the process of creating a list of small tasks that are necessary to complete a project. For example, if a software development team is creating a new app, their backlog can consist of tasks like designing a logo, creating specific features, or fixing bugs. Project managers typically organized backlogs by priority, with the highest priority task at the top, ensuring it’s completed on time. In technology it’s common to use a scrum product backlog which is used for project management at all phases of the product life-cycle.

  • However, it is general advice to allow various members of the cross-functional team to contribute items to the backlog.
  • Additionally, care should be taken to keep the backlog organized and easy to navigate.
  • Still, project-based organizations are still applying some Agile practices, such as working with backlogs.
  • Every company has different sets of criteria when it comes to backlogs.
  • Let’s say that in our example above, the company has a sales backlog of 10 orders per week.
  • New ideas get added as feedback from the market, and customers continually roll in through various channels.

The backlog manager needs to ensure the backlog is transparent and clearly communicates all the important information to everyone involved. Any change or update not reflected in the backlog needs to be communicated to all stakeholders. It involves the consistent and frequent involvement of product managers and the development team. Encouraging people to participate in backlog discussions will increase the understanding of everyone in the team and result in a clear understanding of the project requirements.


With homes going into foreclosure at a much faster rate than usual, lenders did not have the capacity to process all the foreclosures in a timely manner. With these problems in mind, let’s look at how backlogs become oversized. Value reduction — Each item, in a backlog of tens of thousands of items, will seem insignificant. When backlogs get too big, they become a trash bin where all work you want to do, but never will, ends up. For example, you can’t check for bugs until you write the code, so writing the code is a higher priority. If one task is harder than another, the harder one is a higher priority as it will take longer to complete.

The product backlog also promotes Agile team development by encouraging a flexible yet productive work environment. Tasks on the product backlog aren’t set in stone, and the team sorts them by order of importance before choosing which tasks to tackle first. A product backlog helps your team run like a well-oiled machine by improving organization and collaboration.

Achieve More with a Well-Managed Product Backlog

If processes rather than purchases are responsible for the increasing value, this indicates a need to improve capacity planning and ensure fulfillment targets are met. You create a product backlog from the product roadmap, which explains the plan of action for the product’s evolution. Developers use the tasks in the product backlog to get to their desired outcomes as quickly as possible. If a team starts using an electronic tool before they have settled on their approach to product backlog management, the tool can drive a team’s approach to product backlog management. The team may also get hung up in how to use the tool rather than selecting the process that works best for them. The product backlog is the single authoritative source for things that a team works on.

what is backlog in business

For instance, growing product order backlogs may imply increasing sales. On the other hand, businesses usually want to prevent a backlog, because this what is echeck and ach payment processing could mean increasing inefficiency in the production process. Orders that remain unfulfilled or unprocessed are considered backlogged orders.

How to identify if you have a backlog problem

Not every item on a product backlog is fully fleshed out and ready to work. Moreover, they understand the interdependencies or conflicts an item might create, etc. Sometimes a couple will place things on a backlog—at the bottom, to indicate they are not yet priority tasks—as a springboard for further discussion.

  • The gateway to product development excellence begins in your backlog, so supercharge your management skills today.
  • It has the capability of manufacturing 10,000 polka dot umbrellas every day.
  • These processes all work together to improve your backlog management and ensure your projects run smooth.
  • Physical boards offer the advantage of making the product backlog continuously visible and concrete during discussions around the product backlog.

Consequently, product development teams may complete sprint tasks more quickly than expected. For example, particular projects may get unexpectedly put on hold or canceled. They can then focus on the following most essential items in the queue. If you’re a professional who specializes in finance, accounting or project management, you might be familiar with backlogging.

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