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Best Seller of Industrial Cleaning System

Cleanvy’s original washing and drying technology offers effective solution for industrial cleaning. You can find the suitable model for your cleaning parts from the following washing and drying process. Washing process: Ultrasonic with degas system / Ultrasonic under vacuum condition/Rotation/Jet Stream or Showering. Drying process: Vapor & vacuum Drying/Suction Drying

FVH Series

cleanvy Mexico


Basket Size W300 X D400 X H200
Dimension of Equipment W3,500X D1,720 X H2,340
Weight 2,500kg
Cleaning Process No1 Bath : ultrasonic
No2 Bath : ultrasonic (option : vacuum deaerated cleaning, jet stream, showering, rotation)
Ultrasonic Wave 25kHz 750W
Drying Process Vacuum drying (less than 5 torr)
Vacuum Pump Vacuum Pump Sealing with Hydrocarbon-base Solvent / Mechanical Booster Pump
Solvennt Volume 450 liter
Loader & Unloader To Be supplied according to customer's requirements
Power Supply 3-phase 200v 18kw
Utility Air : 4kg/cm
Exhaust duct : 200dia
Cooolant : 20L/min (20'C0)

Fully Automatic Washing & Drying Machine

cleanvy Mexico waterbase 

Supports a variety of work pieces by the Batch method. Drying with hot dryer & vacuum drying adoption with a liquid ring vacuum pump.

Work piece setting-> Ultrasonic washing -> Ultrasonic rinsing -> Ultrasonic rising -> Anti-rust -> Hot-air drying -> Hot-air drying 2 -> Vacuum drying -> Carry out Cycle time: 1.5 minutes (flexible)


 Number  Title  Numeric Value
 1  Battery  3Φ 380v
 2  Power Capacity  110 KVA
 3  Weight  5.0T
 4  Vacuum Drying Pressure  0.2Kpa
 5  Circulation Flow Rate  60L/min
 6  Ultrasonic Output  1.5KWx3
 7  Hot-air Generator  10KWx2
 8  Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump  3.7KW
 9  Blower  1.5KW



Vapor Generator